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Squash Ladder

Level up your game & join our Squash Ladder!


BeActive Urmston Squash Ladder

Take your squash up a notch and join the BeActive Urmston Squash Ladder.

The Ladder runs monthly, from the 1st to the end of the month. When you join, you’ll rank yourself and join a league within the Ladder. Click here to read our Rules & how the Box League Squash Ladder works.


Each month, you’ll play other members within your league and record your scores. At the end of each month, players move up or down the leagues depending on how they’ve done.


The Squash Ladder is open to all – you just need to be ready to play regularly!


Why join a Squash Ladder?


The Ladder is a great way to enjoy regular games, challenge yourself and play against new people.













Healthy competition and recorded match results each month give you great motivation as you aim to reach the top of the Ladder.


How do we organise games?


When you join the Squash Ladder, you’ll also join our secure messaging system (we use Microsoft Kaizala) where you can contact other members of your league to arrange games.


Kaizala is a reliable system where you can communicate with others without the need to share your phone number, keeping the Ladder data-protection friendly.


Does it cost anything to join the Squash Ladder?


No, the Ladder is free to join. You’ll book and pay for use of the squash courts as usual.


Remember: Centre members receive discounts on court bookings!

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